Best Bike Accessories For Kids and Adults in 2021

Every cycling lover knows that there’s more to riding than just having a good bike. You can pamper your rides with all sorts of gizmos to make them more efficient, comfortable, and safe, whether exploring the local rail-trail or moving around a brand new city. This list gives you the best kids bike accessories, as well as the best bike accessories for adults in 2021.

For those new to cycling, having the right bike tools and gear can make you feel truly independent on your bike. I still remember when my pedal snapped off the crank 3 miles from my house, something that knocked some sense into me. Today, I make sure to carry with me a multi-tool and a few other basic accessories.

There are so many bicycle accessories that you can choose based on convenience and needs. Without further ado, check out this list of best bike accessories 2021, from high-tech gear to simple cycling gadgets for kids.

Best Bike Security Accessory: Bike Lock

At times, the safety of your bike relies solely on your lock. Unfortunately, this does not mean that it cannot be stolen. The crooks have all the right tools to get around any bike lock. All you can do is invest in a high-quality lock that will make the task more difficult, time-consuming, and irritating for them. Stay away from cable locks because even a garden scissor can snip that. Instead, buy U-locks and heavy-duty chains for impenetrable protection. For U-locks, get the smallest to give a thief less room to work it out.

There are colorful bike locks ideal for kind who bike up at school or in town. It’s a fun way to keep their bike safe, especially if they have other kids’ bike accessories. Also, be sure to check out our Bike Security Tips here.

Most Expensive Bike Security Accessory: GPS Tracker

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A true cyclist holds his or her bike among the most valuable possessions. Even if you have the smartest bike lock and understand how to park your back securely, still there’s a chance that your two-wheeled buddy can be stolen or get lost. Having a bike tracker can take protection a step further by connecting it to your smartphone. You can set an alert the moment your bike starts to move.

Tracking your bike with GPS may sound like an expensive luxury, but that is not the case. The Tracki Mini (Check Current Price on Amazon) runs for less than $20 and is 4* rated with over 13,000 reviews!

Bike Safety Accessory: First Aid Kit

Things happen, especially when you are spending many hours riding. Even the best of cyclists lose focus after hours of riding and end up with injuries. Ensure your kit has a bandage to hold dressing and offers limb support, a non-adherent dressing, sterile swabs, antiseptic, analgesics, and assorted plasters. Other things to have in your first aid kit are steri-strips, saline pods, anti-histamines, rehydration salts, and loperamide.

best bike accessories for 2021

The best first aid kit for cyclists is going to be small and compact, but loaded with options. The bike first aid kit pictured above has 66 pieces and still fits in the palm of your hand making it the perfect bike friendly first aid kit. (Check Current Price on Amazon) The best part is, the price comes in under $10!

Most Important Biking Accessory: Biking Helmet

Biking is always fun and enjoyable, but the most important gear to have is an approved helmet. Apart from protecting your head in the event of a crash, a biking helmet will cool your head with its well-placed vents.

Helmets that meet the Australian law standards are considered to be the safest because their safety standards are the most stringent in the world. The best road-specific helmets should be light and provide a comfortable fit. Other features to look for is removable padding and reflective stickers for visibility. In this WaveCel vs MIPS helmet review we cover the top technology in concussion prevention for you/

All-Around Most Important Kids Bike Accessories: Multi-tool

With a good cycling multi-tool, you are prepared for anything that goes wrong with your bike. Ensure that your multi-tool contains all the bits required to adjust every bolt on your bikes, including hex keys, screwdrivers, Torx drivers, chain splitter spoke keys, blades, tire levers, etc. Some cycling multi tools are designed with all the bits permanently attached, which reduces the risk of losing some parts. Others use separate heads for convenience.

There are two choices to make when carrying your bike’s multi-tool. You could carry a portable multi-tool with absolute minimum bits to fix issues that are likely to go wrong. Or you could have a versatile set with all the bits so you can help others too.

Coolest Bike Repair Accessory: Mini Pump

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One of the must-have bike accessories is a pump because flat tires and slow leaks are common on the road. Look for dual valves heads that fit both Schrader for mountain and cruiser bikes and Presta valves for road and other skinny bikes. A minipump should be ultra-portable and easy to access when you need it. Also, look for extra features in a pump, such as a base flange to hold it down with your foot when pumping.

The mini-pump pictured above comes with a glue-less puncture repair kit and the price is right coming in under $30 for the bundle. (Check Current Price on Amazon)

Under Age 12 Kids Favorite Bike Accessory: Bells

Just like helmets, bells are a requirement on road bikes. They are small and offer an inexpensive way of letting people know you are coming in their direction. It looks for bells that are easy to mount and loud enough to be heard in traffic. A bell needs to be small, so it doesn’t take too much space on your bars. Additional space can be used for light, computers, and other accessories.

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Bells are every kid’s (under age 12) favorite accessory. They also become a favorite bike accessory for serious cyclists. As a cyclists pushing age 40 I can assure you the Spiderman bell pictured above is an accessory I would love to put on my own bike. In fact, I purchased mine on Amazon for $7 and have no regrets.

Most Underrated Kids Bike Accessories: Bicycle Light

Are you cycling at night in urban environments? Having an LED front light with a laser can alert other pedestrians and drivers is coming their way. The advantage with having LED lights is to enhance visibility from more angles. Bicycle lights can have a lumen as low as 30 and go beyond 2000.

The best bike lights will be rechargeable and will provide visibility out to at least 200 meters. I would check to make sure your light is also rated as a daytime running light.

Most Innovative and Best Bike Add-On: Cycling computer

A cycling computer is among the cool bike accessories that allow you to track your performance in real-time. It allows you to get all the necessary information such as speed, distance, and time. More advanced computers provide advanced information such as cadence, heart rate, gradient, temperature, power output, calories burned, and so much more.

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The two major players in cycling computers are Garmin and Wahoo. Garmin was the industry leader for years, but the features and affordability of the Wahoo bike computers have them taking more and more market share each year. I personally like the Wahoo Element (Check Current Price on Amazon) but there are tons of great cycling computers available.

Coolest Accessory For Video Makers: Action Camera

For kids and playful adults who need cool accessories to add to the bar, use an action camera to show off your rides. Look for a durable action camera that’s waterproof to capture photos and video in different conditions. Although this is an expensive kids bike accessory, it a great way to have a fantastic way for everyone to feature in a movie and enjoy once you get home.

coolest bike accessories for video makes

I prefer the GoPro Hero 8 because it is cheaper (Check Price on Amazon) than the Hero 9 but offers motion stabilization to make your rides look smooth. Make sure you pick up an extra battery so you can swap out while hitting the trails.

Additional Safety Accessory For Mountain Bikers: Knee pads

Knee and elbow pads are great essential kids’ bike accessories for aggressive and adventurous kids. Still, they can be useful for beginners or timid riders who want to gain confidence when riding. Knee pads come in a variety of sizes for kids and older persons as well. Ensure you pick pads that fit quite well and are comfortable on your skin.

Final Thoughts on The Best Kids Bike Accessories

Biking is always fun during this summer season, but can also be fun in the winter for experienced riders. Having these essential bike accessories can make your riding more exciting and encouraging if you want to stay active. Its a great way to enhance the riding experience for your kids. Having cool bike accessories gives kids a reason to go outside and play with their bikes.

Most of these accessories also make awesome gifts for friends and family.