bontraver avert mountain bike shoe review

Bontrager Avert Mountain Bike Shoe Review

Cycling shoes have a bad reputation for lacking in versatility. That all changes with the Bontrager Avert Adventure Mountain Bike Shoe. If you are looking for a clip-in compatible shoe that you can use for hiking or other activities then continue read on to learn all the benefits in this Bontraver Avert Mountain Bike Shoe review.

A mountain biking shoe is similar to a road cycling shoe in that they both have hard soles. When the sole of your shoe flexes it causes you to lose efficiency while pedaling a bike. That loss of efficiency means shorter rides and less fun. For more information on the benefits of proper footwear while riding check out 4 Reasons You Need Cycling Shoes.

Is Bontrager A Good Shoe Brand?

Many people believe Bontrager is a brand associated with road biking, but those people are mistaken. The founder was a gentleman named Keith Bontrager who founded his self-named company in 1980. Coming from the motocross scene, Bontrager took a heavy interest in mountain biking. The company started out making lightweight yet strong frames and rims.

In the mid ’90s the company Trek Bicycle Corporation acquired Bontrager. With the backing of Trek the Bontrager brand has continued to make high quality bicycle accessories for over 30 years. Having a parent company like Trek means all Bontrager products go through rigorous research and development phases. In conclusion, this type of R&D combined with Trek’s quality control makes Bontrager one of the best cycling shoe brands in the industry.

The Bontrager Avert shoe came out in 2020 and is the most versatile shoe Bontrager has ever put out. You can walk in the shoe when not clipped in to your bike, and the style matches that of many casual shoes. The great style doesn’t mean you are sacrificing performance. The sole is firm and the SPD compatible clip in system gives you a wide range of mountain bike pedal options.

Laces vs. BOA on Cycling Shoes

Firstly, this Bontrager Avert Mountain Bike Shoe review wouldn’t be complete without talking about the laces. BOA lace systems on cycling shoes have exploded in popularity in recent years and for good reason. They are fast to tighten and even faster to take off than traditional lace shoes. Don’t think for a second the laces on the Avert shoes mean you are giving something up. The laces that come with the shoes are incredibly strong and have five cross over sections which means you can get that perfectly tight feeling across your entire foot.

Secondly, BOA laces are preferred for most cyclists. They are not a lacing system you will find on versatile shoes like the Bontrager Avert Mountain Bike shoes. When you see a BOA lacing system you know you are looking at a cycling shoe. For someone looking to ride their bike to work without having to change shoes the Avert is perfect. It allows you to ride anywhere without having to take a change of shoes with you.

In conclusion, it would be nice if the Bontrager Averts came with an option for the BOA lacing system, but I haven’t had any issues with traditional laces. The shoes go on and off just like a good pair of running shoes, and the laces are incredibly strong and durable for everything the trails throw at them. Finally, we need to discuss the cons that come with these cycling shoes. As a result, the negative side to laces is the underbrush that sticks to them. Keep your bike on the trail and you can avoid that problem.

Buying The Bontrager Avert Adventure Mountain Bike Shoe?

Shimano Performance Adventure

If you want to buy a pair of Bontrager Avert Mountain Bike Shoes you will need to head to your local bike shop, or visit Unfortunately, the Bontrager brand is usually only sold in bike shops selling Trek bikes.

You can get a comparable shoe, like the Shimano Performance Adventure pictured above, from everyone’s favorite online retailer. (Check current price on Amazon)

Finally, these shoes have the same versatile styling as the Averts, they come with the BOA lacing system, and they are available for ordering online. I have multiple pairs of cycling shoes and the Performance Adventure from Shimano and Avert Adventure from Bontrager are two of my favorites. Let me know about your favorite pair of shoes in the comments section below.

Regardless of which type of mountain bike shoe you ride with, you need to make sure it has tread on the bottom of the shoe. Pushing your bike up a steep incline will be impossible without the added traction on the soles.