Cycling Jersey Fit

Being considered a serious cyclists requires a large amount of cycling jerseys in your closet. Even if you are a beginner, having a high quality jersey will enhance your riding experience. We are going to cover everything cycling jerseys for all different types of bike riding. Cycling jersey fit is different for road cyclists than they are for the casual weekend rider or mountain bikers.

Cycling Jersey Fit Types

There are four main types of cycling jerseys you need to know about. In general, the tighter the jersey the more it leans to the road cycling side of the biking spectrum. When in doubt on style, go with a jersey that shows your patriotism and you will fit right in.

Pro Fit – These are for performance and racing road cyclists. They will be made of Lycra which is a brand of spandex fiber. Pro fit jerseys will fit like another layer of skin on your body. There will be no gaps or loose anywhere from top to bottom.

Fitted Jerseys – Fitted jerseys are for the serious road cyclists and isn’t worried about racing performance. A fitted jersey will usually be made of Lycra, similar to Pro Fit jerseys, but you will also see a lot of polyester blends in the fitted jersey category.

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Semi-Fitted Cycling Jersey – A semi-fitted cycling jersey is great for the casual weekend rider that wants to look the part, but is unwilling to sacrifice comfort. A semi-fitted jersey will be comfortable and form fitting, but it will not squeeze your skin at all like fitted and pro fit jerseys do.

Loose Fit Mountain Bike Jerseys – For mountain bikers you have loose fit jerseys. These are also great for cyclists to wear as casual attire even when they aren’t on their bike. A loose fit jersey lets people know you are serious about cycling. The difference between a casual road cyclist’s loose fit and a mountain biker’s loose fit jersey will be the brand. There are many brands that specifically cater to mountain bikers.

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Jersey Features

Cycling jerseys have a lot of features. There are six main features you should focus on when trying on jerseys. The first is whether you want a collar or not. Many casual road cyclists will prefer a collar because it provides shade for your neck. If you are out riding in the sun all day the collar will be important, but its not aerodynamic for performance riders and racers.

Another important feature on cycling jerseys is the front zipper. Think of the zipper as your jerseys thermostat. If you start getting hot, slide the zipper down and let the air flow in to cool your body. If you are a bit chilly in the early stretch of your ride then zipping all the way up to the collaris preferred.

The jersey cut is also an important feature. It should have the shoulders cut wider for arms-forward comfort. When you try the jersey on, get into your riding posture to make sure there is no fabric from the jersey rubbing on your shoulders. Not enough shoulder width causes chaffing which is extremely uncomfortable on long rides.

All cycling jerseys have rear pockets. These rear pockets provide easy access without getting off your bike. Popular items in the back pocket are sunscreen, water bottles and protein bars.

Another key feature for cycling jersey cuts is the back. You need a longer cut on back for coverage when riding. It’s easy to spot cyclists riding in t-shirts because without that longer cut your plumber butt will show.

Finally, the most important feature of cycling jerseys is the reflective and fluorescent color trim. This feature provides high visibility during day as well as for cyclists doing some night riding.